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On Canvas & Beyond

Hila-bana: Espasyo Temporal

Solo Exhibition

Emerging from the Hila-bana street art movement that started in 2018 in Baguio City, Philippines, "Hila-bana" is rooted in the Tagalog term "hilbanahan," meaning temporary stitching. It embodies the symbiotic journey of individuals of diverse ethnicities. The pulang sinulid, or red thread, analogous to the DNA that runs through our veins, becomes a vital strand intertwining with our indigenous traditions, echoing the threads that course through the heart of our ancestral heritage. Across lived spaces, the subjects weave tales of cultural exchange, their footprints retracing the rhythm of urbanity and the ever-evolving movement of its inhabitants.

These figures transcend mere artistic representation; they are tangible encounters from the artist's journey. Each represents the complex facets of being Filipino, presented in animated fragmentation across diverse stages of evolution. This state invites viewers to engage in their transformative journey, ultimately creating a community of selves. Translucent forms emit pearlescent hues, unveiling structural underpinnings—a mosaic of urban fragments interwoven within inhabited spaces.

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