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"Hilabana" is a red thread, symbolizing the interconnectedness of Filipino cultural heritage. The project explores traditional weaving practices and their contemporary relevance, highlighting the intricate patterns and stories embedded in Filipino textiles. "Hilabana" aims to preserve and promote indigenous weaving techniques while fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural narratives and craftsmanship of the Philippines. Through this project, Martinez engages communities, artists, and cultural institutions in dialogues about heritage, identity, and sustainability.

Harvested Hopes

“Ani = Harvested Hopes” | Spray Paint and Exterior Latex Paints on 2500 sqft | 275 5th Street, San Francisco, California |  2024

The mural “Ani,” translating to Harvest in Tagalog, embodies the transformative journey of migration, the act of retracing our roots, and the profound concept of harvesting hopes. This project is a collaboration between the Renaissance Entrepreneurial Center and SOMA Pilipinas, designed to celebrate Filipino migration stories and their substantial contributions to the economic and cultural fabric of the United States.

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Department of Cultural Affairs in New York City | City Canvas Program | 2024

My art delves into the untold stories of migration, from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, and how they’ve shaped the city’s iconic landscapes. Visualized through vibrant blocks of bold brushstrokes and delineated structures, I reveal the resilience and creativity of the people who’ve built New York City, generation by generation. From the bustling streets of Times Square to the ever-changing skylines, I capture the fleeting moments of New Yorkers amidst the city’s architectural tapestry. These images are testaments to the diverse experiences woven into the fabric of the city, honoring the people who’ve made New York the vibrant, dynamic hub it is today. A poignant red thread weaves through the hearts of the people connecting the past to the present.

21 ft x 21 ft | Exterior Latex Paint | Yuba City, California

In this mural concept, the blue lady, embodied by Filipino community leader Sonia Delen, adorned in Filipiniana attire is a poignant representation of Mother Nature, embodying the intrinsic connection between humanity and the environment. Positioned alongside her is the poso, symbolizing our access to natural resources and their essential role in sustaining life. A thirsty child, symbolic of the devastating impact of famine, highlights the urgent need for environmental stewardship and conservation efforts. The red thread, intricately woven throughout the composition, serves as a tangible link connecting individuals to their community and the spaces they inhabit, reinforcing the interconnectedness of human experience. Amidst the imagery, a withering California poppy serves as a subtle yet poignant reminder of the depletion of biodiversity and the fragility of ecosystems. However, amidst these challenges, a neon green recycled soda bottle emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience, symbolizing humanity's capacity to innovate and find sustainable solutions to our rapidly evolving environmental crises. These elements coalesce to form a vibrant tableau that encourages reflection, dialogue, and action towards a more harmonious relationship with the natural world. A subtle call to environmental consciousness is intertwined with community and resilience themes. The "poso" reminds viewers of the finite nature of resources and the need for sustainable practices. Through personal recollections and communal experiences, the mural encourages viewers to reflect on their relationship with the environment and their role in shaping a more sustainable future.

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