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Popularizing Cordilleran Identites through Street Art Hunt

In partnership with National Commision for Culture and the Arts

Personal Advocacy

2018 - present

This project hopes to bring

awareness to the public about the Cordilleran individual identities and be able to distinguish

their similarities and differences through their corresponding traditional attires. Moreover it will create an emotional connection for the public as the subjects depicted are from real life stories of the locals in Baguio City.

Hila-bana individual Identities

These individuals ideate the fluidity of space in the Cordillera Region. The subjects centered on the depiction of cultural diversity among the neighboring Cordillera groups notably the Ifugao, Bontok, Ibaloi, Kankanaey, Kalinga, Apayao, Gaddang and the Tingguians. The project hopes to uplift their collective identities through individual immersion. They are our catalysts of cultural integrity whom will help in unfolding the truth behind the diachronic culture change in today’s setup

The term “Hila-bana”

From the Tagalog term hilbanahan meaning temporary stitching or basking. The term used for this project symbolizes the action being made alongside the walking individuals of different ethnicities. Hinihilang habi or the infamous sinulid (red string) that encompasses the different ethnolinguistic groups in the region. The red string depicts the major material used in our indigenous weaving traditions.



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