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The Full Story

Sining Eskinita

Our story started in a dull alley between Tiong San Harrison and Development Bank of the Philippines Lower Session Road Baguio City – Carantes St. The street was named after one of the first settlers of Baguio. The said street was also a former terminal of jeepneys bound to Mines View Park. It was one of the ordinary places in the city where the people pass by as they go about their day-to-day work. The area does not have much to offer but it has its own life. We just need to add color to it.



Sining Eskinita is a multi-sensorial festival that served as a platform for various muralists, singers and musicians, dancers, theater actors, and other artists who engaged the passersby of Carantes Street with their art.



Sining Eskinita’s vision is to produce a mural festival that will transform the way art is experienced in Baguio City. With this is its mission to build a society that appreciates art and culture.

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